16 April 2010 @ 12:43 am
[ Rishfee sounds exhausted, a touch downhearted, and if anything, unwell in this transmission.

There is a small amount of fumbling, as it's rather apparent that even though Rishfee's managed to work out how these things run and what they do he has absolutely no idea how it works. Yes, his voice is faint. He's probably holding the communicator upside down. but lolwtf @ electricity - he's doing damned well to even get this far.

...This Organization - the ones that appear to be controlling all of this.
Location would be useful. ... Their numbers, as well.

[He trails off slightly, wondering if he should add more. He merely adds this, as more of an afterthought.]

I thank you for any information you can give.
12 April 2010 @ 03:41 pm
... If there are others here like myself, I wish to find out more about this city from your perspective. Whatever you feel is important, but particularly anything regarding the Organization. [ pause, then as an afterthought: ] Or City Hall, for that matter.

Also, if anyone has seen a ... young man named Link, direct him to me.

((ooc: I know Malia's still on hiatus, 's'all good :3a))
10 April 2010 @ 10:07 am
Since the former boss has vanished, I've decided to take over the Seventh Heaven for the time being and I need some more employees. Specifically, someone who can cook and a couple more people to serve tables. But definitely a cook; I'd mess up boiling water, so you really don't want me to make you anything.

If you're interested in a job, let me know. Money's not hard to come by, but having a consistent paycheck is more comforting than you might think.
07 April 2010 @ 06:30 am
I, Shantotto, have decided to also run for mayor.

Now, hold on just a moment and allow me to explain, before you become a naysayer.

Why, do I think I am the one for the job, you may ask?
Well, I assure you all, there's no one greater up for the task.

My knowledge is vast and my intuition is keen. Not to mention I'm, quite frankly, the most powerful black mage you will ever have seen.

For many long years I was a minister of Windurst, during the time when the Crystal War was considered to be at its worst. I traveled far north, in temperatures of the lowest degrees. In that terrible cold, I was there when the Shadowlord was brought to his knees.

This is why I am clearly the number one choice for this position.

And with that, I wish the best of luck to my dear opposition.
[ clears his throat ]


I'm sure, by now, all of you have no doubt come across just a few of the snazzy posters hanging around town! The purpose'uv 'em is to raise awareness about the RESISTANCE we're all thinkin' is around here! But I tell ya, we sure ain't done much yet! So I got to thinkin' -- If a leader's what you're lookin' for, then LOOK NO MORE!

I'm offerin' my services to get a handle on this here situation, an' make sure that each an' every single one'uv us gets outta here in one piece, and wind up back where we belong! It's time we RAISED UP to get COUNTED AROUND HERE!


I'll be holdin' a get-together for the lot'uv us at PAIXAO CENTRAL STATION, y'know the one, smack dab in the middle'uv the city!

Fighter, healer, mage, machina expert, demi-humans ALL WELCOME!

07 July 2009 @ 03:40 pm
[the sounds of heavy foot falls sound first, with the owner apparently unaware of the journal activating. An annoyed, girlish voice sounds through, going from confused to annoyed to outright furious.]

This isn’t where I fell asleep. Where did the airship go? Where are my friends? This doesn’t make any sense! Was this Xande’s doing? Ooh! That jerk! I'm going to give him a piece of my mind, right before kicking him! He’ll be sorry he ever caused trouble!

[a few moments, and the pacing stops. The owner of the voice forces herself to calm down, and within a few moments, she sounds cheerful again.]

Oh, well. As long as I'm... wherever I am, I’ll just make the best of it! I just hope everyone else is all right.
07 July 2009 @ 01:28 pm
Although it is not my position to announce this, I have reason to believe the 'Private' function of the journal devices is not sufficient to conceal messages from the Organization.

I only mention this because I have seen many 'Private' or 'Locked from Organization' journal messages of late, and was unaware of their inefficiency myself until very recently.
22 June 2009 @ 09:24 pm

Want to meet new people? Looking for that much needed excitement in your life? Looking for a CHALLENGE? Well then consider this your personal invitation to the first Official Genie Golf Classic, the only event in Paixao where you can test your skill against citizen and visitors alike and see who ultimately reigns supreme.

Paixao's unique landscape offers its avid golfers the ultimate in golf experiences with this new contest where contestants will play their way throughout the city to sink a total of ten carefully placed holes. This will also give contestants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the city as they play through some well and not so well known locations.

The Genie Golf Classic is open to all public as a fun and non-profitable event. It should also be noted that this is a exemplary event which is available to all 'villains' within the city as well. Because of this the game will be carefully monitor to ensure the safety and well being of all contestants while those participating will be expected to be on their best behaviour. Anyone caught threatening the welfare of others will be immediately eliminated from the match and face a harsh penalty by me personally. I mean it.

The winner of the Genie Golf Classic contest will not only be crowned the Golf Champion of Paixao but also be awarded a top secret super awesome prize.

Further information will be provided in the weeks to come as well as full registration.
Anyone interested in participating in this event should sign up now by simply replying to this post to give us a good idea of the headcount.

Questions or concerns that arise may also be asked at this time.
15 April 2009 @ 07:03 pm
Perhaps someone on this contraption will be able to tell me more than that disagreeable gatekeeper.
I require knowledge, you see, that runs quite a fair bit deeper.

I'd like some answers right up front.
With no waste of time, if I may be so blunt.

You see, one moment I was in Windurst, that's my home.
Then I woke up on the ground outside this strange city in domes.

Nothing like this has ever happened in my great career.
So, as one would imagine, I'd like to know why I've been swept away here.

And just how exactly was I brought to this place?
I detected no magic, not a single trace.

Finally, I wish to know one last thing to put me at ease.
How ever do I get back to Vana'diel, if you please?
Current Mood: aggravated
31 October 2008 @ 04:29 am
Attention dear citizens and visitors of Paixao,

Such a pity the mayor met a rather untimely end. But, well, all things must come to an end, mustn't they?

However, where there are ends, there are also beginnings.

There is a new order here in this city.

I, Maleficent, Mistress of all Evil, lay claim to this city. My will is now law.

Any who dare to oppose shall be dealt with swiftly and with no mercy, but let us hope it should not come to that, shall we?
Current Mood: accomplished
26 September 2008 @ 06:14 pm
Dear Paixaoans,

First of all, I just wanna say, all that stuff that's happened lately? You know, with... You know who and stuff? Yeah, let's just forget that ever happened, alright? I know a lot of people aren't happy with me, but with that little girl missing and Organization XIII on the move again, we got more important things ta worry about.

In the past, the Organization has performed several kidnappings. Victims were often, if not all, visitors like you n' me. What they endured... Uh, well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. All victims were tortured and used as experiments. If you're unfamiliar with any of this, past posts that can be found on the message board explain much about these kidnappings, experments, and the Organization. They also have information about these Heartless and Nobodies runnin' around lately so check 'em out if you got the chance, they're worth it.

Recently there has been an increase in reported missing visitors. Based off past, recent, and now successful attempts at kidnapping, the Organization can easily be placed responsible. AND! we got witnesses too! So just try gettin' outta that one!

So, because of this, it's best ta be alert. I've been goin' on, n' on, n' on for quite some time 'bout how dangerous they are. You should know what kinda threat they are by now too. It's best to keep away from them, but if you really want to settle things and most importantly help us retrieve those kidnapped, you should contact the General here.

At this point, only so many can be confirmed kidnapped. But this does not leave me to believe there are not more. Because it could be anyone, I will be making a list of everyone reported missing. If you know of anyone who's recently disappeared, let me know so I can add them to this list. Also, if you see or hear from any of the following you should report it immediately.

Missing Persons

Cloud Strife
Sara Sidle

Just as before, everyone should be on the look out for suspicious activity. Don't travel alone and spread the word of these disappearances to keep everyone informed. Anyone with information should report it to me immediately so that we can prevent further kidnappings and finally put the Organization to justice.


You Know Who
23 July 2008 @ 01:19 am
To My Adoring Public, People, animals, and whatever else it out in the audience tonight,

It's been awhile, hu? I've been pretty busy, probably like the rest of you with everything that's been goin' on in the city lately. Those monsters stompin' about are turning out to be a real handful. I've heard there's quite a number of folks tryin' to take care of them out there though. Here's hopin' the best for them. If you're not familiar with Sin, you should direct yourself to the post made here by my good 'ol pal. He's got quite the history on them. He's the guy you're gunna wanna go to if you've got any questions about 'em.

Another guy made a useful post on the message board concerning missing people recently. We haven't had one of those since the kidnappings so you might want to take a look at it here if you've lost someone or are looking for somebody. There could be someone out there looking for you without you even knowing it.

Not much has changed regarding the Organization since I last checked up on them. It hasn't stopped some people from speaking with them either. Go figure. They're still a threat and as dangerous as ever. They're a manipulative bunch of liars who care for no one but themselves. Heartless and Nobodies are also considered dangerous. To avoid sounding like a broken record player, whatever that is, my last post has information regarding both the Organization and these Heartless and Nobodies. If you haven't checked it out, it might be a good idea.

So the big thing on the agenda today is the recent news concerning the citizens in Paixao. Apparently guests like us can, and have
turned into citizens. I'm talkin' about your hair turning blonde hair, your eyes blue, and your memory of life outside the city gradually fading away. Citizens are seemingly shy 'bout the subject and afraid to share much information, but more then one case has appeared in the city. I'm not too sure what could of become of the animals in the city, but I have my guesses.

In all the time I've been here, and it's been quite some time, trust me, I've never seen anyone make this transformation. But who knows how long citizens who claim to have once been guests have been here. I'm hoping to find out more information about this soon and, as always, will
accept any new information involving anything you think could be important.

I think that's about it.


You Know Who
19 June 2008 @ 02:26 am
So, I'm hoping you all might be able to help me out. I'm looking for something, however it isn't a person, as some of you might be rather used to seeing on here. What I'm after is a bit different, you see.

I'm searching for knowledge. Information as it were.

I want you all to tell me everything. Everything and anything you've noticed about Paixao. Now, I don't mean the information the welcoming committee always relays, I've heard most of that now, although I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a bit of a repeat, but that's not really the point of this. What I'm really after is anything that seemed strange, or just a bit out of the ordinary. Even the most insignificant detail that you thought was odd, but just shrugged it off as being a figment of your imagination or nothing important. Because, you see, it could be important! Any little speck of a clue could mean something!

Now, I know what you're all thinking. Why do I want this information, right?

Because, I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't particularly like being stuck in one place for too long. I have places to be, things to do and all that! There's quite the mystery about this place and I intend to solve it, so I can be on my way. Come on then, I know what you're thinking now. How does this lone man intend to figure out what's going on? Why does he think he can figure out what no one else has yet? That's what you're thinking, isn't it? Well, that's easy: It's because if there's anyone who can solve this, I can.

So, allons-- Oh! Wait! Almost forgot... I didn't introduce myself. Sorry about that. Bit rude of me. Got a bad habit of doing that. My name's the Doctor.

There now. All introduced proper like. Now then! As I was saying...

Allons-y! Comment away! Tell me what you know!
((aka, Naja is being very careful about this, lol. Sorry :D though she isn't actually excepting to get an answer from the secretary, but damn if she won't try))

Dear those who can read this,

You may know me, you may not. Most of you should. I am President Naja Salaheem of the Salaheem Sentinels. This matters naught. My concerns do not rest entirely on all of you at the moment. However, the one I do wish to speak with is this "secretary" that has worked for Mayor Heirwidthal, and is presumably working for this city's new one.

The three others who can read this are currently the only ones I will entrust with any of this information, for the safety of all.

Please, miss secretary, I'd like to request a moment of your time for a meeting. As myself being a foreigner, I can see how... troublesome that may be for you, however, it may be best for the city. You may be the only one who can help us understand the troubles that you are currently (most likely) going through, as well as the ones that you had. Not everyone believes everything is going along as... smoothly as you've left us to imagine.

I know your police are "working" on matters, but I still request a private meeting with you; myself, and... colleague, Fox McCloud. If you are even reading this board, please at least respond to me. I'm a curious little kitten, after all... If we don't hear from you, we still play on going to city hall anyway.

Wouldn't it be best to have things organized, Miss?

President Naja Salaheem
01 April 2008 @ 06:34 pm
Man, this is weird. This place needs to decide what year it is pronto, for one thing. I don't know whether it thinks it's a western or a sci-fi flick although I gotta admit the wireless computers are pretty cool. Anyway, can somebody give me a little more info about where I am? I tried asking the guy at the gate, but he wouldn't give me a straight answer, the jerk.

Also, there's some people I'm looking for. If they wind up here, too, please tell them Keiichi's looking for them.
- Sonozaki Mion (she has long green hair, puts it in a ponytail, calls herself Old Man a lot)
- Sonozaki Shion (she's Mion's twin sister so they look alike, but Shion wears her hair down)
- Ryuugu Rena (orange hair, takes cute things home with her all the time)
- Hojo Satoko (blonde, about 9, does a really good evil laugh)
- Furude Rika (blue hair, about Satoko's age, gets taken home by Rena a lot)

And uh... if anybody runs into a photographer named Tomitake, he'll know who I am, too.
14 February 2008 @ 03:17 am
Roses are red, violets are blue;
   Think of the things you've yet to do.
The lily is pale, the ivy is green;
   Think of the things than you haven't seen.
The crocus is purple, the clover is peach;
   Think of the things you've yet to teach.
The jasmine is white, the marigold, amber;
   Think of the things one must remember:
Roses are red, violets are blue;
   Everything's possible, nothing is true.
02 February 2008 @ 09:05 pm
To: All known operatives, allies, and/or members of ShinRa Corporation, incl. Turks and SOLDIER operatives
From: Gen. Sephiroth
Subject: Employment

It has come to my attention that people belonging to or associated with the above listed organizations have recently entered the city. Upon consideration, it seems in the best interest of all involved to meet with myself or a duly appointed representative regarding possible employment options.

ShinRa corporation does not exist in this world, but I personally see no reason that we cannot continue to work as a cohesive force. For those lacking faith in my continued sanity, I offer a meeting, unarmed, at a place of your choosing.


-General Sephiroth, SOLDIER CinC
22 January 2008 @ 01:58 am
There's quite a few new people wandering thrrrough these gates of the city, so it only seems prroper to point out the opportunities available to ya lot. I'm President Naja Salaheem and I run a little group called the Salaheem Sentinels; mercenaries doing what needs to be done, some of which being what this city can't seem t'do for itself. I'm situated with the gypsies in Carta Para Ti if you wish to meet with me face to face, or there's always the journals, I'm generally an easy kitten to get in touch with.

I do pay for a job well done, but ya gotta handle havin' a rank slapped alongside yer name. Beginners start out as Private Second Class an' work their way up.

Mind you, jobs might be a bit limited 'til something rrreal comes up, but if I don't have any Sentinels when that time comes, then what's a mithrrra like myself to do?

What I want is people who can get a job done an' listen to what I gotta say without question, got it? No slackers, no cocky self-centered fellas!

now recruiting mercenaries

…tch, and if you are too weak, I’ll just hire you to do my paperwork.

Location: Carta Para Ti
Note: If the gypsies even brush you off, then we have problems. As in, don't even bother!

-President Naja Salaheem of the Salaheem Sentinels
13 January 2008 @ 12:19 am
I was wondering if anyone could help moi settle a dispute.  You see, I am rivals with Laharl (I believe he is well known enough by most people here by now) though he does not seem to think so.  In order to settle this matter once and for all, I am holding a poll to see what others think.

* Moi's claim that we are indeed rivals.
* The dictionary definition of the word "rival."
* This conversation.

All I need is a reply to this with your opinion.