21 July 2011 @ 04:47 pm
[An alto male voice speaks nervously]

Is this thing on?

Oh. Haha, nevermind.

...This is confusing. If someone could help me understand some things, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Someone just gave me one of these little computers, and it seems as if everyone has one. A modern day device in a place that looks so old fashioned, it's kind of odd to think about.

So where is this Paixao place, exactly?

And I've been separated from a friend of mine. She was close by a minute ago, and I don't see her anywhere now... Kirsi cannot see very well, so she couldn't have wandered far on her own. [And he's just not saying that to keep up appearances. He's very, very concerned about her whereabouts. He cannot locate the one he's sworn to protect.]
18 July 2011 @ 01:23 am
[Hey everyone, have a bored Hyena.]

C'mooooon this place is boring! Isn't there anything a hyena can do around here That doesn't involve trying to avoid the lions? Also is there a place where we can actually hunt for prey? Killing 'em is half the fun y'know.
14 July 2011 @ 02:34 am
I didn't know dogs could get so big. {Guess who else spied a hyena?} I've seen wolves before, but these... {These could rip you apart in no time flat.} Has anyone been hurt? I'm not a healer or a physician, but...I don't mind tending to people...or animals. {She adds in a softer voice.}

{Private to Beast.}

I've been exploring a lot lately. There are so many beautiful places here. {She pauses and gathers her courage.} Would you like to re-visit some of them with me?

30 June 2011 @ 02:48 pm
[All you can see is the flash of something white--a tooth?--and pink. You hear some noises that sound rather odd. The sort of sound you get when someone's chewing on something hard.

If you realize, Ed's chewing on the communicator. He tried to chew on the trees and fruits earlier, but that didn't work out very well--they weren't real.]

28 June 2011 @ 03:06 pm
This is hardly my Wonderland… or is it? It’s so different than what I remember. But Dr. Bumby says that change is good, so I suppose I ought to leave it. Still, if this were Wonderland, wouldn’t the Cat be here to greet me? He never misses a trick, or an opportunity to tease. I wonder if perhaps all cats aren’t like that, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Does anyone know where I might find the Cheshire Cat? Or the White Rabbit, perhaps? This certainly isn’t London, and I'm willing to bet I'm not at the asylum… or I would, if I were the betting sort.

What I mean to say is, can anyone help me? They say ignorance is bliss, but really, I'm rather on the other side of bliss at the moment.
18 June 2011 @ 04:04 pm
[Shenzi scowls at the journal.]

Ok, what the heck is this? And where is everyone? WHY am I here? Where are Ed and Banzai?? Someone had better answer my question or there will be trouble!

[Unless you’re bigger and have really sharp claws, then you’re allowed to take a pass at the answering thing.]

Another question, yeah I still got ‘em: What are all these furless upright creatures all around here? Can I eat ‘em? They don’t look like no animal I’ve ever seen before, and I don’t even know if they can fight back! They don’t have sharp teeth or claws. Weird. I’m real hungry, I think I’ll try to take one down to see how it tastes, I hope it tastes good because there sure are a lot of them.