18 October 2006 @ 02:44 pm
You know, just because I was the first person to pass out at last night's crawl was not a good reason to dump me off in the middle of nowhere. I hope you all had a good time trying to explain to Veld why his coffee maker is still broken this morning! You know how he gets if he hasn't had any java. Serve you all right to have to do training for a couple of hours since I'm stuck at this Niflheim place. Dropping off drunk friends in the middle of nowhere is not funny.

There was a desk set up at that gate, and the instructions with this little gizmo said I could get ahold of anyone here with it. Is this thing on? I wonder if I can get an extra one and take it apart, see how it works. Can't be any harder than that time I took apart Tseng's PDA and reprogrammed it to display naked Wutian babes everytime someone tapped the screen and then had it go back to Reno's terminal so it looked like he did it. I'm pretty sure I can lift one off someone to take it apart and learn it.

Where the hell are you guys?
26 February 2006 @ 08:23 pm
To whoever wasn't aware, Reno was just stood up by a supposedly 'gorgeous' girl (that he hadn't ever even seen a real picture of), after waiting a grand total of five hours for her.

Thank you.
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