02 November 2008 @ 08:52 pm
Hi, I'm looking for my cousin because Zetsu-san and Timon-san said that he was here but nobody seems to know where. His name's Uchiha Itachi and Zetsu-san says he's thirteen here and he has dark hair and dark eyes and he probably kinda looks like me! I think he probably hasn't seen me for a lot of years because Zetsu-san says we came in from different times, but if you're reading, it's me, Itachi-chan! Remember your Obito-niichan? I used to baby-sit you sometimes!
26 September 2008 @ 09:44 pm
So I was wondering, how much space is there in Paixao? I mean, nobody seems to be worrying about real estate or over-population or anything, but the cities all closed in these domes, so it's not like it can expand when it gets full and with all these new people coming in, you'd think it would start getting pretty full! Or do they, like, build a new dome when it gets full? Did it start out with one dome and then the other ones got built later when it got full? Like wings on a house? How do they build the domes? They're really cool I've never seen ones as big as this, but I haven't seem much domes at all because I think they're hard to build or something but these ones are just ridiculously huge! Do they have giant cranes and machines? That would be awesome...
19 July 2008 @ 02:32 pm
I realize there have been many posts on the journals and otherwise as of late...asking about where their friends and family could be. Seeing as some of these can be buried under other journal entries, it would keep all of Paixao more organized if there could be one master entry for all missing persons.

I have taken it upon myself to aid people looking for their friends and family here. If you'd like, you may post here with a description and/or pictures of your loved ones that you're looking for. (I can make do with either.) If they arrive here and I spot them, or someone else sees them, I'll inform you of their arrival. Your name would be helpful so I may contact you quickly.

I'll do this for free, if there are no objections.

There will be a list kept here, updated daily to make sure that everything is kept under control. If possible, I may update it even more frequently. If anyone sees these people, please tell me so I may strike their name from the list and inform those looking for them.

List [as of 8/18/08] )

[ooc: yeah, you can link to previous journals or posts if your character doesn't feel like rattling off descriptions to L. the man's keeping himself occupied by helping the public. do as you please, paixao!]
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