28 April 2009 @ 04:23 pm
To all my fans,

As you’ve probably realized by now, I’ve been busy lately. I haven’t been around as often as usual, but I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. You’ll be happy to hear I was on the most noble of missions. On top of that, I actually have some good news for once. But first my daring quest for the sake of the city!

Last week I dared venture where no kat had before; the Elysian Fields. It was after much hard work and careful research that the Organization’s hideout was pinpointed there. By constructing a small expedition team of my best men and women I boldly set out in search of our kidnapped visitors and putting the Organization to justice. The building itself was well camouflaged and guarded, but this courageous meerkat was more than prepared. With the sun on my shoulders I felt more than confident that the Organization would fall as I brought down Nobody after Nobody with my bare paws.

With great vigor I stormed the hideout, seeing that all experiments were released while the Organization dared flee in fear. Though many managed to get away, I am more than pleased to say we will not be hearing from them for some time. As for their hideout? I saw to it that it was destroyed so that no one may ever be victim to such horrors again inside their walls. –oh, and my expedition team helped too… A bit.

So, it is with great joy I am pleased to announce that, in a way, peace has been restored to the city of Paixao. In the event that the Organization has been abolished all experiments have been released and these kidnappings have becoming that of the past. Let there be fear in not one citizen or visitors heart with your future Mayor on the job. Let us celebrate our victory and those of the future… We should throw a party or something in my honour. We’ll work out the details later.

With that being said and the Organization out of the way there’s only one thing I have left to say:

Maleficent, you`re next.

Am I ever getting good at writing this stuff.


The Great Timon
22 April 2009 @ 05:07 pm
I'd like if everyone kept an eye out for a girl named Duck. If you see her or hear from her, let me know.
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That little girl, the one the Organization kidnapped, she needs her guardian - her "little big brother" she calls him. She's back from the Organization's clutches, I think, and she's terribly frightened.

Please, if someone could get word to her friends. It disgusts and outrages me to know that these tyrants could scar that little girl so horribly. Please, get through to her. She refuses help from anyone else. You must find her!
08 March 2009 @ 08:24 pm
I've found out quite a lot so far in my short time here in Paixao, but there are a lot of holes that need to be filled in.

Like, why are certain people disappearing? Are they returning home? Why? Random coincidence perhaps? Then how come some of them reappear?

And this...Organization. I've read quite a bit, but I'm still not sure who they are. That's terribly vile of them to kidnap that little girl...

Any information at all would be helpful really.