28 January 2007 @ 07:41 pm
I shouldn't ask where I am, because I know where I am... I think. Someone told me this gate is... Muspelheim?

This has to be a dream... but I need to find my friends.

Linali? Allen...? Rabi? Anyone??

... Right, I shouldn't say that out loud.

... Someonepleasehelpme.
Current Mood: nervous
04 January 2007 @ 10:43 pm
Well, seems everyone's doing this sort of thing, and some people have had it work.

I just hope it works for me, too.

I'm looking for quite a few people. All of them should be wearing black jackets with a silver cross on the left chest, or have before at least, where the heart is. They're rather detailed.

Their names are Linali Li, Rabi, Crowley Aleister, Miranda Lotte, and ... Kanda Yuu. I can't believe I'm looking for him, too.

Linali is Chinese and has black hair, lavender/lilac eyes, and is a really, really kind hearted person. She's the one I'm most worried about, but I know she can handle herself. Despite what's happened...

Rabi ... he wears an eye patch, has a mallet, and really bright red hair. If you're a girl you've most likely met him already. He's a total flirt.

Crowley is very tall, has mostly black hair and white ... bangs. He's pale and has sharp teeth, and is kind of lanky. And sort of has pointy ears. His jacket has a cape added on. He's... kind of mixed up with his personality depending on what's happened.

Miranda has brown hair, and she still kind of looks like she has bags under her eyes. She's a very caring girl as well, but is a bit skittish and ... hasalowselfesteem.

Kanda is a jerk grouchy hard to get along with. Black hair, looks like a girl, has a sword, stubborn, looks down on other people, somehow finds a way to get into fights... he's Japanese, I think.


As a last note, if you gamble with Crowley, stay where you are, tell me your location, I will be coming to gamble for his clothes back.