06 January 2007 @ 09:30 am

We're searching for the following ninjas, who have pictures and descriptions below. If any of you are present in Paixao, or if anyone reading this has seen someone corresponding to their description, please report condition, location, and age as closely as can be approximated, and contact us immediately.

A very tall and powerful man. They can't be seen in this picture, but his hair is dark blue and spiky, and his teeth are sharklike. Also unseen is Samehada, the large sword he carries, usually wrapped in bandages.

Also a male, whatever he may look like. The most important identifying features are the mouths in both palms. Might be the source of any explosions heard, and possibly traveling with Sasori.

May be seen in either his real body, pictured above, or inside a puppet body--it would probably be easily recognizable as one. He appears to be in his teenage years. Not shown in this picture, but he has extra arms attached to his back, probably hidden under a cloak.

He wears a chain of prayer beads, though they can't be seen in this picture, and wields a three-bladed scythe. The easiest way to know it's him is to ask about Jashin, his religion. Possibly traveling with Kakuzu.

Even taller than Kisame--his height is probably the best way to notice him. Another way is to start talking about finances.

Sasuke Uchiha
Not much else to identify him with, besides what's in the picture, save for one thing--ask to see his sharingan. His irises will turn red, with black marks. They're about the same pattern as the cursed seal on his neck, but that would be hard to see in passing. Sasuke, if you're reading this, your brother would very much like to see you.

If any of you are here, we expect you to answer. Don't make us hunt you down.

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