20 February 2007 @ 03:07 pm
So it's been two days since I've arrived in Paixao. I posted a message earlier but no one could answer my questions.

I'm looking for four people:

Sakura; she's a girl about my age. She has brown hair that's cut short and green eyes. She's really positive and extroverted but she may be hard to pick out in a crowd.

Kurogane; he's a tall man with dark hair and eyes. He's really serious but a good fighter. He also carries a sword with him at all times.

Fai D. Flowrite; he's the complete opposite of Kurogane. Fai has blond hair and blue eyes and he's cheerful almost all the time.

Mokona; well, Kurogane says he looks like a pork-bun, but I have to agree. Mokona's a little animal with white fur, long ears, and a gem in his forehead.

If anyone saw these people or have information about them, I would appreciate the help.
14 February 2007 @ 06:39 pm
Umm... hello, everyone! My name is MOMO, and I just arrived here a short while ago... I am headed to the O Pastor Hotel near the Niflheim gate, but there are a few things my companion and I need to inquire about regarding this place.

1) First of all, umm... he mentioned that there is no way to get out of here. Is this true...?

2) Second, I think this place, Paixao, may exist in some sort of alternate universe, separate from everyone else's. It seems like... we all come from alternate universes, too, and are gathered here somehow without use of the U.M.N., which should be impossible but...

3) Third, t-this is for my own self-benefit, but... if anyone who knows me is here, please contact me immediately. I-I feel lonely.

Thank you for the help, everyone!
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