26 March 2011 @ 03:06 pm
Hey, this is pretty cool…

Alright, where the hell am I?! If you bastards know anything, you better tell me and get me back to where I was! Al, Winry? You guys aren’t here too, are you? HEY!! SOMEONE ANSWER ME!!
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20 January 2011 @ 08:17 pm
What is this place? It doesn't look like Earth exactly and it's not Galaluna. This is bizarre. I may need to turn on Manus just to be safe.

[fiddles with something but nothing louder happens...a few taps on a glassy surface]

Come on, you piece of junk! Ugh, I need to use Manus right now! Maybe the electronics are jammed.

[wave crashes in the background]

Or maybe I got it wet. Stupid, Lance! I guess I'll have to adapt again. I just hope Ilana and Octus are safe.
[ Zim was broadcasting from his base once more. The feed was actually a video recording, thus, without the proper tweaks made to the viewing journals, it would only be broadcast as a voice post with a photo of the Irken Invader without his disguise on. ]

It has come to my attention that you...time...lordy thingies are not human. However! Your species isn't registered anywhere in the Irken data banks I can access without being able to link up to the Control Brains and update the files I have on hand. [ His voice wasn't a pitched shriek, or an airy growl of any sort. It was nasally, and while the tone was even and a bit dark, it was more of an informative and authoritative tone of voice. ] Since you ugly little human-looking things claim to not be human, you have been enlisted by the mighty ZIM to assist the GREAT Irken Empire!!

My guidance systems can't get a clear reading on this stupid little box that we've been stuck in, despite my best efforts, and I can't send any transmissions to the Massive. Being the amazing genius I am, I've had a device that can create wormholes in my base on hand since I arrived, setting the coordinates as I choose, so one of you lucky time things get to escape and see the light of day! I, of course, can't open the wormhole from my base and pass through on my own without anyone monitoring the equipment, at least. And since I won't let any stinky, stupid sacks of human FILTH or Irken enemies into my lab, you Time Lordies are my only option.

Respond if you're interested. I'll upload the coordinates to your Journals and prepare the defense systems so you aren't obliterated on sight.~ [ Oh he just sounded so proud of the fact that he could burn anyone or anything that set foot within the parameters of his base to a crisp. ]
14 August 2007 @ 02:32 am
I am looking for my minion, GIR.  He looks like a robot... or a green dog.  Depends on his mood at the time.  All I know right now is that he is attached to the face of some man somewhere by a gate, because A CERTAIN ROBOT-MINION won't give specifics!  GIR... for now... just.... continue whatever you were doing.  Zim has the feeling he'll hear about it in some way.  ...Possibly involving explosions.
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28 July 2007 @ 11:10 pm
I am looking for someone by the name of 'Berkeley.'  He seems to know too much about me for my liking.  Or he might have a reason as to how I got here.  I must hurry!  He could be anywhere!  Watching...  Ready to jump out from the shadows at a moments notice and devour me!  AND my soul!  DEVOUR ME AND MY SOUL I TELL YOU!!!
05 October 2006 @ 11:54 am
have you seeeeeen my burrito and my maaaaaaaassssster


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