14 July 2012 @ 03:57 pm
( there are various sounds of loud banging and thrashing about... As though someone is clearly tearing a place apart... )

What the hell is goin' on 'round here?! Vanille?! ( another bang ) Hope? ( yep, that's definitely the sounds of doors being thrown open ) Light?! ( all right, that last one might even be hanging off of its frame now... ) Where is everyone?! This supposed to be some sort'a joke?! I'm not laughin'! So cut it out already!
30 April 2012 @ 11:06 pm
Right, it's time to get serious. We're supposed to climb to the top of these floors I gather? How many have we found out so far? I've been to a few of them myself, but I can't say they're exactly the easiest to navigate through... and to top things off, it looks like most of 'em are in pieces.

I don't like all these little reports that keep showin' up, either. Rubs me the wrong way, and I don't just mean what it is they're talkin' about. Someone's plantin' 'em around for us... and I figure if we can track down the culprit, we'll be a step closer to gettin' ourselves back out into the fresh air again.

Enough of this playin' around.
04 March 2012 @ 11:28 pm
So this place is called Paixao? [ A brief pause, then just a bit unsure. ]

It doesn't sound like any city I've heard of on Gran Pulse or Cocoon. Is it possible that we ended up in an entirely different world...?

Sorry, I guess I got a bit carried away. I was told that this is a public message board. My name is Serah Farron, and I'm looking for a few people. If anyone could help me find them I'd really appreciate it. Their names are Lightning Farron, Snow Villiers, Noel Kreiss, Hope Estheim, Sazh and Dahj Katzroy, and Alyssa.

Oh! Right. I came in through the Joutenheim gate.

[ And unintentionally then, just before she ends the transmission: ]

I really hope you're all safe here somewhere...
04 March 2012 @ 03:02 am
Can't say I expected to end up someplace like this. I don't see any signs of Academia anywhere. Hope, you out there? Alyssa?

Damn, we must've gotten separated again. Serah? Mog? You guys here anywhere?

No sense in searching for people who might not be around, though. May as well make the best of it, I guess.

This is a Message Board, right? Well, my name's Noel Kreiss. If you know any of those guys I just mentioned, tell them I'm looking for them.
Hello there lovely ladies of Paixao! You know, I bet you all must have been just absolutely miserable sitting around here in this snowfield without anyone to keep you warm… Well don’t you worry your pretty little heads, because the great Zelos Wilder is here to make all your dreams come true♥

Oh. And once this blizzard clears up around here something tells me I’m going to be needing a tour guide. ...It does clear up, right? Tell me you all don't just dig a bunch of holes and live in the snow. Anyway, if anyone would be willing to help a new guy out, feel free to contact me.

…Right, I guess I might as well ask about this, too. You guys here wouldn’t happen to have seen a cute, blonde little angel; a pink-haired rosebud of a girl; a cool professor-type lady; or a voluptuous she-banshee around here have you? Also a guy who fights with two swords, a big guy in shackles, and a brat kid. Juuust let me know if you catch sight of any of them—particularly those first four.
14 July 2011 @ 04:20 am
I've got it~! [Splash! Vanille splutters and struggles onto (what can only be) dry land.]

Hope, come try this with me! [That can also be translated as: "Hope, come here and let me push you into this pond!".] It's fun, I swear~. There are even big rocks that you can sunbathe on!

[Private to Fang.]

Figure anything out yet?


[Private to Lightning.]

Have you talked to Fang?

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20 June 2011 @ 02:33 am
Fang? FANG! [Vanille sounds a little desperate.] You didn't leave, did you? [She sighs quietly.] I think we should do somethin'. All of us. [That's right. Fang, Lightning, Hope, Beast, Lumiere and Terra (male). Us.]

Maybe a picnic?
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