15 December 2011 @ 10:19 pm
[The audio clicks, and there is background noise that seems to indicate that this person is in a cafe of sorts. He appears to understand the wireless device he was given very well, but is fiddling with to controls a little. He laughs brightly.]

Ah, dude! This thing even has a mic! Sweet! And if this place has free WIFI connection all over town, they’re already doing better than my house, haha!

[There are a few noises as he messes around with a few of the controls curiously]

Man, this place looks like something out of a video game; is this like that movie Total Recall? Is this like some sort of really awesome virtual reality game that Japan hooked me up to? Or or OH SNAP? [He pauses] This is the Matrix? Because that would be. Too. Cool, dudes. Doing Matrix moves.

So uh. Gonna send a shout out to all my buds to stuck me in this place; joke's been fun, but it's really cold here and I kinda have to use the can.
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