((aka, Naja is being very careful about this, lol. Sorry :D though she isn't actually excepting to get an answer from the secretary, but damn if she won't try))

Dear those who can read this,

You may know me, you may not. Most of you should. I am President Naja Salaheem of the Salaheem Sentinels. This matters naught. My concerns do not rest entirely on all of you at the moment. However, the one I do wish to speak with is this "secretary" that has worked for Mayor Heirwidthal, and is presumably working for this city's new one.

The three others who can read this are currently the only ones I will entrust with any of this information, for the safety of all.

Please, miss secretary, I'd like to request a moment of your time for a meeting. As myself being a foreigner, I can see how... troublesome that may be for you, however, it may be best for the city. You may be the only one who can help us understand the troubles that you are currently (most likely) going through, as well as the ones that you had. Not everyone believes everything is going along as... smoothly as you've left us to imagine.

I know your police are "working" on matters, but I still request a private meeting with you; myself, and... colleague, Fox McCloud. If you are even reading this board, please at least respond to me. I'm a curious little kitten, after all... If we don't hear from you, we still play on going to city hall anyway.

Wouldn't it be best to have things organized, Miss?

President Naja Salaheem
01 April 2008 @ 06:34 pm
Man, this is weird. This place needs to decide what year it is pronto, for one thing. I don't know whether it thinks it's a western or a sci-fi flick although I gotta admit the wireless computers are pretty cool. Anyway, can somebody give me a little more info about where I am? I tried asking the guy at the gate, but he wouldn't give me a straight answer, the jerk.

Also, there's some people I'm looking for. If they wind up here, too, please tell them Keiichi's looking for them.
- Sonozaki Mion (she has long green hair, puts it in a ponytail, calls herself Old Man a lot)
- Sonozaki Shion (she's Mion's twin sister so they look alike, but Shion wears her hair down)
- Ryuugu Rena (orange hair, takes cute things home with her all the time)
- Hojo Satoko (blonde, about 9, does a really good evil laugh)
- Furude Rika (blue hair, about Satoko's age, gets taken home by Rena a lot)

And uh... if anybody runs into a photographer named Tomitake, he'll know who I am, too.