06 December 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Ladies and gentlemen! Visitors of Paixao~!

This humble jester apologizes for interrupting your daily routine to broadcast a message of great importance.

One is called the Mad Hatter and is helping the lovely Lady Despair in the quest for her twin: Desire. It is imperative to find the missing sibling as the lady feels the loss deeply.

Therefore, if you hear about Desire, please point the gracious fellow at Muspelheim direction.

The lady in question:

Would be extremely grateful to find the split soul.

Thank you for your time. This Mad Hatter bids farewell to you all~♥
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15 October 2006 @ 06:16 pm
While I'm sitting here waiting for things to calm down, I think I'll do this. Name's Dipp, and like... all the people on this weird-ass thing, I'm looking for people. There's too many people that I'm looking for, however, so I'll just pick out a couple names and leave the rest to you.

-The Prince
-Lalala (god, please let her have clothes...)

I have plenty more, but that's good enough for now. If any of the other cousins are here, I apologize but there's way too damn many of you to list here without typing forever. Kinoko is with me right now, and we're presently at a hotel someone sent us to.

[ooc: Ichigo should be happy, she's third on the list D:]
05 October 2006 @ 05:45 am
Greetings foolish humans,

I am the Supreme Overlord of the Netherworld, Lord of Terror, Laharl-sama.

I just arrived here and managed to get this device to work. I have found myself trapped here. At first I believed it to be the doing of one of my vassals, but it seems this is perhaps not the case.

As it seems many are searching and finding those they know, I hope to track down my vassals.

I have created this expertly drawn depiction of them:

Yeah, forget the prinnies ... Useless buncha idiots... tch. If Flonne or Etna are already out there and should see this:


I am also seeking new vassals (especially as I do not know how long it will take to find my own.)

Job description: Must be loyal, strong, not-too-dumb, high stamina, and adept at fighting. Experience with blackmail, conning, and looting a plus. Also required to be able to cook, clean, do laundry etc. etc. etc.

Benefits: Eternal servitude to the Great Laharl-sama.

Salary: If you're lucky.

A "test" may be required.

This is turning out to be freaking way too troublesome. Just gonna have to find my ACTUAL vassals...
20 August 2006 @ 01:37 am
Alright. First off: These things need to come with directions. You don't just hand someone a computer thing and expect them to know how to use it.

Looks like this is a message board for whoeverthefuck is lost here too and looking for familiar faces.

I need a priest. He's short. Blond hair, blue eyes. Really fucking girly. Goes by the name "Izaya". He might be with a bitch with huge tits. woman by the name of Miyabi. If you see him tell him Kyo's looking for him. He'll know what to do after that. Or at least he should. If he doesn't you have my permission to give him a good slap across his face and point him in the direction of the "4M" area. Or "M4".

While I'm waiting can anyone tell me just what the hell this place is? So far all I've gotten is cryptic answers and the name "Paixao".

EDIT: How many DD cups are there here, anyway? Just curious.
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13 July 2006 @ 12:22 pm
Jenet darlin', fancy a drink or two soon? I'll be making my way to the Cheap Prayer in awhile, I believe. 

Anyone who wants to join in is fine with me, as long as they are interesting individuals and have pertinent information on just what this Paixao is.

First round of drinks might be on me, since the lad I...borrowed the money from seems to be rather well-off.