10 February 2010 @ 11:46 pm
PAIXAO – it has been long since the passing of Mayor Oturo Heirwidthal, and the city has continued on without a mayor in office. Despite our losses with City Hall, this should not stop us from electing a sixth mayor into the City of Paixao. A new guide is needed to stand before us and lead our citizens out of darkness.

For those who were not around at the time of Mayor Heirwidthal, he provided our city with exceptional aid, bringing in new technology and setting up the journal system that all of Paixao has benefited from. It is only unfortunate that he passed on before his studies in inter-dimensional travel was able to flourish…

But we must move forward, beyond his days.

We are now opening up mayoral elections.

Be advised, in order to run for mayor you must be an official citizen of Paixao. With City Hall out of our control, we have set up office with the building formerly known as Clan Centurio, located at I8 on the city map. The process is simple, and you will receive a certificate of citizenship after you apply.

More details in regards to citizenship will come shortly.

mayoral secretary
04 February 2010 @ 05:01 am
Well, since ol' Raven can hardly refuse a request from a lady, here's th' message the lovely Miss Urd requested. Lemme know where I can find ya an' I'll bring ya somethin' nice ta drink, since I never thanked ya properly fer greetin' me.

And Judith, darlin'--you seen anyone else familiar around, by any chance?
31 January 2010 @ 12:21 am
If someone could direct me to the nearest exit of this town and back to home, I'd very much appreciate it.

After all, if you're really helpful, I just may have a reward for you~
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06 December 2006 @ 06:35 pm
Ladies and gentlemen! Visitors of Paixao~!

This humble jester apologizes for interrupting your daily routine to broadcast a message of great importance.

One is called the Mad Hatter and is helping the lovely Lady Despair in the quest for her twin: Desire. It is imperative to find the missing sibling as the lady feels the loss deeply.

Therefore, if you hear about Desire, please point the gracious fellow at Muspelheim direction.

The lady in question:

Would be extremely grateful to find the split soul.

Thank you for your time. This Mad Hatter bids farewell to you all~♥
Current Location: Muspelheim
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27 November 2006 @ 10:47 am
Dear me... anyone skilled in white magic or healing, would you mind terribly meeting with me? A ~♥dear♥~ friend of mine has been hurt and is in need of some assistance. Hi, Miss Tris! ^_^

The issue of payment is... no issue at all! Neither is the meeting place, but it would be best if it was as close to the Promenade Terrace as possible~♥ Nothing too terribly life-threatening, but we'd like to get things moving soon. ^_^
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08 November 2006 @ 12:52 pm
I seek knowledge pertaining to this "Paixao" and its monotonous inhabitants, preferably the useful sort. Any bit of information that might allow an expedient departure from this place is also more than welcome.

Also, would anyone happen to know whether or not there are any bizarre creatures wandering about? Clawed, lacking eyes, anatomically baffling, colorless...

Geographical information is also appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

06 November 2006 @ 07:22 am
It seems I am in some place called Paixao. So far, the only good thing is that I have Soul Eater and my usual black and red clothing on me. Everyone else seems to be wandering around in outfits that went out of style a century or two ago. My powers are still answering my call so I’m not outside the influence of those or the like. There are there strange white things that one called ‘Lumens’ according to one of the villagers that didn’t seem overly fond of me. The strange creature kept circling me but not coming close enough to inspect. It kept acting as if it wanted to attack, feinting forward but drawing back at the last moment. It left quick enough after I took a few swipes at it with Soul Eater.

It seems my memory has suffered a few problems as well. I know that my name is Riku and that I have to find Namine`. I know that I was born on and have lived on the Destiny Islands my whole life before the door opened. I know I have to find Namine` before she gets lost or before the false me finds her.

Where the hell is this Niflheim place anyways? Namine`? Where are you? Sora? Kairi? That woman at the gate said I could find you here or hear from you?
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06 October 2006 @ 12:20 am
Beast Boy/Garfield,

Where are you?
20 August 2006 @ 01:37 am
Alright. First off: These things need to come with directions. You don't just hand someone a computer thing and expect them to know how to use it.

Looks like this is a message board for whoeverthefuck is lost here too and looking for familiar faces.

I need a priest. He's short. Blond hair, blue eyes. Really fucking girly. Goes by the name "Izaya". He might be with a bitch with huge tits. woman by the name of Miyabi. If you see him tell him Kyo's looking for him. He'll know what to do after that. Or at least he should. If he doesn't you have my permission to give him a good slap across his face and point him in the direction of the "4M" area. Or "M4".

While I'm waiting can anyone tell me just what the hell this place is? So far all I've gotten is cryptic answers and the name "Paixao".

EDIT: How many DD cups are there here, anyway? Just curious.
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Who wants to A-T Battle?! I'm at this..Joutenheim or something. Or any hot babes wanna come hang out with me? Alright sounds good, the party is starting! WOOHOO.

...I'm so badass.