31 January 2007 @ 09:27 pm
It seems that there has been an influx of visitors to Paixao, especially from both the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. If I was not quite so busy at the moment, I would have been more than happy to say hello in person.

However, I would like to give my greetings to Kurosaki Ichigo-san. I believe we had just spoken recently as well.

I also expect a message from you as well, Sexta.

And Ulquiorra, thank you for the information you had given me. I was able to fill a few holes in my plans.

My apologizes if I had glimpsed over any others but I am more than interested in knowing who has arrived in this fair city.
31 January 2007 @ 04:40 pm
I've seemed to have stummbled across this place. Though I don't know how...Isane? Are you here? If there is anyone from my company here, please report into me. I would like to know if you're all okay.

And if there is anyone else from Soul Society in this place (whatever it is.) please inform me, I'm terribly confused.

That is all.

-Retsu Unohana, Fourth Company Captain.
Current Location: Joutenheim--Main Gate
Current Mood: confused
28 January 2007 @ 10:20 pm
Alright all you new people - I don't know why I'm doing this (okay, maybe because I'm bored) but, no one else seems to be bothering and frankly it's getting damn annoying seeing the same messages over and over. So to avoid all the stupidity... For all you idiots people who don't know how to read other messages before they post pretty much the exact damn same thing everyone else before them has posted, here's all you really need to know:

1. This damn hell of a place is called Paixao. It's in some other world, on an island, probably in another dimension. Maybe even an alternate one. Who the hell knows.

2. Is there anything else here other than this island? Don't know either. If you want to swim for, who knows how far, knock yourself out, there could be. Maybe this will thin out some of the idiots... drowning would be doing us all a favor...

3. No, you can't leave. I can't even get my Dimensional Gatekeeper to get me away from here, which has never happened before.

4. This place is full of idiotic, blonde residents. They're more damn useless than even normal humans generally are.

5. It sucks.

So there you have it. If you REALLY want to know more there this that someone here wrote that has a lot more than I feel like writing.