01 April 2008 @ 06:34 pm
Man, this is weird. This place needs to decide what year it is pronto, for one thing. I don't know whether it thinks it's a western or a sci-fi flick although I gotta admit the wireless computers are pretty cool. Anyway, can somebody give me a little more info about where I am? I tried asking the guy at the gate, but he wouldn't give me a straight answer, the jerk.

Also, there's some people I'm looking for. If they wind up here, too, please tell them Keiichi's looking for them.
- Sonozaki Mion (she has long green hair, puts it in a ponytail, calls herself Old Man a lot)
- Sonozaki Shion (she's Mion's twin sister so they look alike, but Shion wears her hair down)
- Ryuugu Rena (orange hair, takes cute things home with her all the time)
- Hojo Satoko (blonde, about 9, does a really good evil laugh)
- Furude Rika (blue hair, about Satoko's age, gets taken home by Rena a lot)

And uh... if anybody runs into a photographer named Tomitake, he'll know who I am, too.