03 January 2007 @ 10:36 pm
Good evening. My name is Chris Lightfellow and am I currently searching for two individuals.

The first one is named Luc. He has short brown hair and green eyes. Age is that of a young adult's. Wears a green coat, brown undershirt, black gloves, black pants, and brown boots. He always seems to have a frown on his face, and is none too friendly to speak to. Last seen near Morem O Liboa.

Next, is a young girl by the name of Yuzuriha Nekoi. Short black hair, brown eyes and a slim body build. Friendly and cheerful. Last seen wearing a "school uniform" consisting of a green shirt and matching awkwardly short skirt, along with a red ribbon tied at the collar. I lost contact with her when the strange white creatures attacked the city.

Any information regarding either of their locations would be very much appreciated. Thank you.