20 February 2007 @ 03:07 pm
So it's been two days since I've arrived in Paixao. I posted a message earlier but no one could answer my questions.

I'm looking for four people:

Sakura; she's a girl about my age. She has brown hair that's cut short and green eyes. She's really positive and extroverted but she may be hard to pick out in a crowd.

Kurogane; he's a tall man with dark hair and eyes. He's really serious but a good fighter. He also carries a sword with him at all times.

Fai D. Flowrite; he's the complete opposite of Kurogane. Fai has blond hair and blue eyes and he's cheerful almost all the time.

Mokona; well, Kurogane says he looks like a pork-bun, but I have to agree. Mokona's a little animal with white fur, long ears, and a gem in his forehead.

If anyone saw these people or have information about them, I would appreciate the help.