04 May 2006 @ 02:38 pm
Hello everyone, my name is Nill. I arrived to Paixao a while ago, and I find it a little strange but nice.

Well, I was told that in this message board you can find someone you're looking for. I'm looking for two certain people. One is a priest who can't see, and the other has white hair and red eyes and goes by the name of Haine.

If anyone has information about these two persons, please drop by Café Ersesat in Mu..uh, Muspehlhym (Sorry if I spelled that wrong...>_<). I will be here until dusk since mister Peter will return for me at that time...

So... if by any chance you are reading this, Haine, please know I'm all right. I'm with a very nice person. If you're here, I want you to meet him. I hope you're safe too.

~ Nill
Current Location: Muspelheim - Café Ersesat
Current Mood: hopeful