09 March 2012 @ 11:12 am
Huh. Just when I thought everything weird happened in Manhattan.

[There's some gravelly-sounding grumbling and cursing accompanying the sound of the journal being fumbled with for a moment.]

Since I'm about 90% sure this ain't Earth, some answers about where and what the hell this place is are gonna be needed. [A thoughtful pause.] Preferably, answers from folks who aren't like the damn dummies here who repeat the same five sentences no matter what you ask 'em.

If ya feel like socializin', the name's Fury - Nick Fury, Colonel in the U.S. Armed Forces and former director of SHIELD. I found myself here through what I've figured out to be the 'Vanaheim' gate.

[He stops again to think for a moment.]

Until I see evidence contrary, I'm assuming this whole popsicle-stand is a prison masquerading as something else entirely.
05 March 2012 @ 01:47 am
Okay, cool. Looks like more weird shit is going down. I'm down with that.

I guess I should at least toss my name out there. I'm Dirk Strider and I guess I'm here to chill with everyone here a while. At least until I figure out where the hell I am and why I'm here. If anyone has some kind kind of info you think I should probably know, lay it on me.

Since it seems to be the thing to do, I guess I'll toss a few names out there too. If anyone knows Jake English, Roxy Lalonde or Jane Crocker, let a bro know.
27 January 2012 @ 10:17 pm
Imagine my surprise wakin' up here in hallucination land to stand in line for a fuckin' computer. Or was it to get in? Fuck if I know, I was hopin' the map on this thing had an exit. According to the one person I've run into so far with personality, there ain't one.

So, since I gotta wait for these status effects to wear off where is a guy to go for an imaginary stiff drink? And do I need money, or do you use leaves here? I noticed they were in short supply, what with the fake trees and shit.

[Could he sound any more disinterested? Probably not, Seifer is fairly convinced he's hallucinating still.]