23 April 2007 @ 04:22 pm
Due to the rash actions of several foreigners, now more than ever, Paixao needs a police force. In addition, other more polite foreigners have pointed out to my office that they need 'help'-- which might or might not be handled willingly by the new local police force.

Now, I am sure that all of you are wondering about the location of these local police offices that I claim to have created around the city. The red marks the location of the newly found police stations that are currently established. As you can see, there is one at each gate, and a larger one near the center of the city. The smaller ones have officers who are assigned to make sure that new foreigners properly follow the rules and regulations. Those that to not will be taken to the center of the city-- our 'jail', for those of you that are familiar with the term. It is, in addition, Paixao's police headquarters. Please note however, we will not tend to the smaller whims of foreigners: although, we will take it under consideration.

Anyone (including 'foreigners') who is in need of food, or any other material can try to 'trade' for it at a police station. I am sure that at least several officers can be convinced into having such a trade in exchange for manual labor.

Questions that are RELATED to the topic stated can be directed to this post. Please refrain from the idiotic comments as in the last 'free-for-all' post that I made. Thank you for your cooperation.