27 September 2006 @ 12:08 am
I'm looking for some people! Actually, a whole bunch of people! But finding just one of them would be okay.

One of them looks like he has a squirrel on his head (his hair covers the side of his face). It's bluishy.
One of them has black hair, looks permanently annoyed, and has a dot on his head.
One is bald with dark glasses.
One has messy red hair and tattoos on his cheeks.
One has messy reddish-brown hair.
One is a big strong man with spiky brown hair.
One is a girl, she has short blond hair.
One is a girl with long greyish brown hair.
One guy has a scar on his cheek and has a long pointy thing.
Lastly, one is a smaller girl with a pair of shuriken, and cinnamon-colored hair.

Phew! If you see anyone who looks like this, please let me know. :) Let them know Lorie is looking for them, okay?

Also... what is UP with these weird white things everywhere?! There's so many! It's getting to be a pain!