Hmph, there's been a hell of a lot of new idiots people around (and a hell of a lot have left... geez... Go figure I'm still stuck here...) I figure I might as well repeat this. This is all there is really to know about this place:

1. This damn hell of a place is called Paixao. It's in some other world, on an island, probably in another dimension. Maybe even an alternate one. Who the hell knows.

2. Is there anything else here other than this island? Don't know either. If you want to swim for, who knows how far, knock yourself out, there could be. I'd still like to see this thin out some of the idiots around here... bet it'll never happen though.

3. No, you can't leave. I can't even get my Dimensional Gatekeeper to get me away from here, which has never happened before.

4. This place is full of idiotic, blonde residents. They're more damn useless than even normal humans generally are.

5. People can come from not just other worlds but different times. Some even back from the dead or something weird. It's all damn annoying.

6. All the plant life is outside, everything inside is fake. It's damn weird.

7. There's... this Organization in charge. They... You should avoid them.

8. It really really sucks.

So there you go.
11 January 2008 @ 02:51 pm
My name is Mia Fey, and I'm posting to this message board because I've spoken to a fair few people lately, some new to Paixao and some who have been here for a while, who want to know what this place is and why we're here. My friend Diego--Godot, he calls himself, who already posted on his journal asking for those who have answers to speak, wants to investigate this city, and I intend to help him. Others I've talked to are doing or intend to do the same. Some of us are doing this to get back to our worlds, some of us simply want answers--personally, I'm interested in staying in Paixao, and it's alarmed me to discover that people sometimes randomly, or seemingly randomly, disappear. I want to know the laws of this world, how it works, and I'm sure many of you want to know the same thing.

It occurs to me that we might be of more help to one another if we know who to talk to and share our answers with. These journals might not be the best place for doing so, since anyone can read them, and from what I've observed from comments, the veterans of this city have hinted that not everyone in Paixao is entirely trustworthy. But is there a network that meets face to face on occasion to compare investigations? And if not, would anyone be interested in forming one? At the very least we may benefit from recording where people come from and when they arrive, and looking for patterns. There are hundreds of ways to go about investigating Paixao and, I'm sure, hundreds of answers to be found. It's my hope that we can find the answers we want a lot faster by helping one another.
So this is a space to talk to everyone here, right?
Is anyone out there from Germany or Amestris?
Does anybody have a tally going of how many worlds people have come in from?
Has anybody charted out whether some worlds are alike to others or share historical events?
Does this city have a library or university?
Is there a hall or records?
Where can I research the history of Pai Xao?
Is there anyone who knows anything about inter-world travel?
Is there any continuity between the worlds people are coming from and the gate they came through?
I would appreciate having any of these questions answered, thank you.