13 December 2011 @ 04:22 pm
Quaint little city, isn't it? If only they hadn't been so rude about my... accommodations. But what's past is past. I must say the locals are a joy in themselves, busy like little worker ants. 

Enough about them. I'm a sociable man, so let's do the best to make light out of our unfortunate situation and socialize. Go on, do tell me about your minuscule lives--a name, anything. I'm dying to know. 

Or maybe you'd like to discuss holidays. Christmas will arrive any moment, you know. Any plans? I know have one or two of my own...

Hello there lovely ladies of Paixao! You know, I bet you all must have been just absolutely miserable sitting around here in this snowfield without anyone to keep you warm… Well don’t you worry your pretty little heads, because the great Zelos Wilder is here to make all your dreams come true♥

Oh. And once this blizzard clears up around here something tells me I’m going to be needing a tour guide. ...It does clear up, right? Tell me you all don't just dig a bunch of holes and live in the snow. Anyway, if anyone would be willing to help a new guy out, feel free to contact me.

…Right, I guess I might as well ask about this, too. You guys here wouldn’t happen to have seen a cute, blonde little angel; a pink-haired rosebud of a girl; a cool professor-type lady; or a voluptuous she-banshee around here have you? Also a guy who fights with two swords, a big guy in shackles, and a brat kid. Juuust let me know if you catch sight of any of them—particularly those first four.
09 October 2011 @ 11:49 pm
Alright, fine. I'll admit it already. I lost the pen. Sheesh!

[Yes Rosemary, he's talking to you.]
Hello everyone! It's the Doctor here. ...the one that doesn't eat fish custard or wears a bow-tie. The one that was here first.

Right, so, just to get this out of the way now-- No, I'm not sure where my future self has gotten to, but I doubt there's any reason to be alarmed, well, not too much anyways. Not yet. You see, if I--he is in some kind of trouble, well, he's rather good at getting out of trouble. So there's no reason to panic. [Though he's saying this, there is a faint concern hidden in there.]

So, yes, where was I? Ah, right. Me, being here first.

You see, when I arrived here I was in my TARDIS. It's been sitting at low power for some time now, but there was a reason for that. Now that we've been here so long, I was able to use the power she's managed to store up, along with some modifications, to get the scanners, well, scanning. Scanning beyond the castle, to be exact.

And, well, that's the good news I'm afraid. Bad news from here on out.

[The Doctor's tone shifts at this point. He's serious... very serious, and obviously a bit bothered at what he learned.]

There's nothing out there.

No, it's not that they aren't working, believe me, they're working. There just was nothing to scan--no planets, stars or even strange anomalies. Just... emptiness.

Now, I wasn't able to boost the scanners enough to determine just how large the dimension we're in IS. It's possible we could be in some sort of pocket universe. Or there could be some sort of barrier, but the scanners should have picked up anything like that. Or, well, it's hard to say until we find out more about where and what this place we're in is.

I really do wish I'd had good news. We're about due for some at this point, I'd say.
24 June 2011 @ 11:03 pm
All right, all right, I get it! Now whoever it was who decided it would be a good idea to bring me here, I would be very glad if you'd be so kind as to put. Me. Back!


[clears his throat]

Ah. Well then. Since it seems I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, I suppose I should introduce myself. Basil of Baker Street's the name, a pleasure to meet all of you. If any of you might have any information that could help me deduce this situation I'd really be quite grateful if you'd produce it for me.