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[Voice post - locked from all known bad guys]

[Yorda sounds almost as though she's on the verge of tears - however, her voice remains quiet and steady]

Urd is gone now. I can not find her. I am going to find the floor, now. I do not wish for anyone else to disappear. I will help. [another moment, and she takes a deep breath] I am grateful for the time I have had here, and I love the friends I have made. I will miss you.

Nonomori. Good bye.
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We have found the door. Those of you who have joined us in our search, please come to the large tower. I have put up a signal to help guide you.

((Note! Krichevskoy probably won't be replying to this as it was just a notification. If you want your characters to be there for the door opening, please go here!))
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[ voice; laharl's journal ]

[ Although everything indicates that the poster is Laharl, the voice that speaks is decidedly not the young Overlord's. ]

Before we embark on this journey for a way out that will undoubtedly be filled with peril, I have a public service announcement to make that will benefit all of you. Naturally, we'll need all the strength we can get to face our opponents so I will share with you the secret to quickly becoming stronger! Not only that, but it is also the key to a long and healthy life, and that secret is .... SARRDIIINEEESS!!

Sardines are very nutritious, full of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids that help you stay as healthy as can be by preventing diseases, cleansing your blood and helping you to burn fat that much faster. They aren't just full of antioxidants, they actually enhance physical energy too! They have all the necessary B vitamins and major minerals. What more could you possibly want!? They should be part of every staple diet! I can attest to their power myself, it's thanks to sardines that I have regained the power I once lost as a Tyrant.

The sardine goodness doesn't just end at their culinary value, however! It's even said that they repel evil due to their potent smell. So don't you underestimate the power of sardines.

You can taste just how great these fish are for yourselves! Just ask for them from the Prinnies on the sixth floor. We MUST be well-prepared!
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Floor Information

I was wondering, could someone tell me what the different, uh, "floors" are like? There's a bit of a situation going on, so I don't really have the time to explore them all myself.

It would be a great help.
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Now that that's taken care of...

I am about to start a search through this latest floor for a passage. I extend an invitation to all those who also wish to see their way through this gilded prison, though we may not necessarily meet there.


It's becoming increasingly obvious that we are not wanted here - so why are we being kept? Even if our homes are gone, that's no reason to hold us prisoner in this castle - especially when it's becoming increasingly unstable. I'd like some answers - and I don't care if they're not the ones I want to hear.
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[there's a moment of silence at first from Mao debating whether he really wanted to post this or not. Part of him had just wanted to exit out and delete the message even after he'd started recording. However, as you can see, it seems he decided to go ahead and go through with it. Whether this will turn out to be a good thing or not he doesn't really know]

You think... everything out there really is gone?
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Locked too everyone trustworthy


We need to stop Xemnas, and we need to stop him now.
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[Voice] [no icon]

[Deep inside the walls of St. Destino a demon found the jackpot of all journals. Though some of them were rather beaten up. All of them worked after getting booted up but were usually pretty slow or glitchy, something he might have to deal with if he couldn't find one better than that.]

Come on, please work... [He gave the current one a shake when it looked like it might be froze up for a second. Thankfully that seemed to have been all it needed.]

... Is anyone there?

[anonymous text]

What is a world if isn't a world?

Does a place need to all be as it should be to hold that name?

[Voice post]

[Alice's voice, unusually enough, is rather shaky, despite having made this discovery some time ago. A few moments later, the listener discovers why]

I'm not sure exactly what we found out there, but I don't think it pleasant. It's like a puzzle of some sort; as if worlds are jumbled together. It looks like what's been happening on the other floors, but... different. It's almost as though that sort of thing is what that place is made of.

I'm sure this sounds quite mad, but it's almost as though it's spreading, like an illness, to the other floors. I've seen it around already, but if that's the case, how can it happen? Locations certainly aren't contagious. But there was so many pieces of what looked like different places in that place that I'm certain weren't on what floors I've already seen.

I'm sure I don't know what's going on, but I don't think it'll do us any good.

[Voice and super-ultra-Doctor Locked from all (known) baddies]

[here, Paixao, have a slightly out-of-breath Doctor whose voice is practically made of squee right now] Right! I know this is short notice, but shut up, you all got the invitation, you can deal with it. I'm getting married! Today, in fact. It's all set up in Macalania, so you all can head over whenever you're ready. Oh, and don't bother with formalwear if you don't want to. We're not that uptight.

Oh, and there's cake! Made it myself. Mind you, I had a bit of a hard time remembering what sort of cake would work, but I got it in the end! I think.

I do wish we could have music, though. Oh, what the hell, I'll see if I can work out a sound system.

[and here's the sound of the Doctor getting to work before things go slightly... well, static. Whoops]
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[Voice - pretend this has one of Emizel's icons okay]

[despite the fact that it should be clear as to this journal's owner, the voice coming through it sounds nothing like Emizel at all. Instead, there's a smooth, darkly amused voice chuckling a bit - NiGHTS]

Hm~ it looks like someone was careless with their journal. You know, you guys should really be more careful with these, they could get lost. Now, whose could this be? [the sound of fumbling around with buttons can be heard for a few moments]

Oh. It's Emizel's. [despite the apparent distaste, there's - barely - an undercurrent of worry in the nightmaren's tone] I wonder why he left this here - if he even left it willingly. I know I didn't when it happened to me.
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After some consideration, I have decided to allow any of you who wish to stay somewhere better than the tent the opportunity to stay in my castle. That's the 6th floor, by the way.

However there are some rules any who stay must adhere to:

1. I'm the Overlord. Don't forget it.
2. No touching/sitting on/or doing anything to my throne!
3. Keep out of my room.
4. No throwing any prinnies--we don't need holes in the walls.
5. No stealing anything from the castle!
6. If you're taken advantage of by any of the vassals in the castle, it's your own damn fault. I'm not accountable for anyone's stupidity.

[Voice post] [Locked from all known baddies]

[aaaaand here comes the Doctor, bright and cheerful despite the circumstances]

It's clear to me that a lot of us are in need of some fun right now, after everything that's happened recently. The city falls, we're kicked out, a lot of us have run out of tea... [he pauses with a little sigh, as though reflecting on the abominable tea shortage]

It's also occurred to me that I'm getting married. Again. I know the invitations have been sent out... sort of, but I know you're all just dying to know, when will this fabulous event be held?

[a dramatic pause and then]

Soon. Very soon, in fact.
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Hey! What's goin' on here? Can't a guy find a bite to eat 'round this place? 

Sheesh! They must have really lowered their service standards or somethin'. I try and order a sandwich and some lady comes at me with a broom! I'll tell yeah one thing for sure - I ain't ever eating there again! 

You hear that? This is an outrage! Why, leaving us to starve. Where do you get off doin' this, huh?!

[The sound of a door closing interrupts his rant and a woman is heard shooing him away.]

Whoa, hey! I'm leavin', lady! I'm leavin'! Stop it! 

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Geez, what's with you people? Why are you wasting your breath on the mayor?

Have you all forgotten how we're actually trapped here? The whole castle thing? We're pretty much being held hostage here! Not to mention what about all that worlds unravelling stuff? Doesn't that concern you people at all?

I mean, if you all want to be as delusional as the mayor, go nuts, but I'm going to find this supposed top floor and wipe the floor with the guy responsible for all this.
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A Message of Conviction for all REAL people of Paixao

My people, you true citizens of our city of light. I apologize for my silence in this terrible time. In the chaos that ensued after the heinous act of yet another interloper, I found myself torn in several directions all at once and only now do I have the time to give you an official word.

Paixao, you have shown your strength these last few days. While clearing away the remains of our city and striving to find the bodies of our loved ones, we've barely had the chance to grieve, yet you forge on with your head held high. You are the spirit of our beautiful town. And I know as long as we hold on to that, no madness or violence will sway us.

I will not lie to you good folk. It will take time to rebuild. We have a very long road ahead, made all the more dangerous by the presence of those outsiders who have the very gall to condescend to us in our time of sorrow. But we don't need their help. Too many times have they shown their true colors. Too many times has their belief that they are somehow better than us lead to their complete disrespect and abuse.

We can restore the light to Paixao, we can rebuild our paradise. But only if we turn away these reckless foreigners once and for all. I regret now the hand of offering I extended to them once. They do not deserve our compassion or understanding.

And to you outsiders listening -- know this: you are not welcome here. Your presence will not be tolerated. Your help is not needed. I don't care where you go or how, but you will not be allowed into our city again. I swear it.

-- Mayor Marcus Praetoris
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Is there anyone in authority making an official response to this disaster? If so, I'd like to speak with them.

(OOC: I'm going to assume Squall or Rinoa has thought to point him toward the journals for the time being, since the thread hasn't progressed to that point yet.)


Hello everypo--one. Everyone.

So, I believe I have some information pertaining to the tragedy that happened here a few days ago...

You see... I-I think I might have had something to do with it--NOT on purpose! Not at ALL!

I had no idea at the time this might happen and even then, what I did--it couldn't have been the cause; there's no way! But... I still have a feeling it contributed somehow.

This... guy said I might be able to help him with something and gave me a place to meet him. He said he suspected there was something mechanical in the walls and ceiling and asked me to use my magic to make some holes to check. He said he'd come back and fill them in after, so... I did what he said. I didn't see anything suspicious though. I was SUPER careful about where I checked...

A few hours later, the domes were falling. I'd like to believe it was a coincidence, but I don't think it was. I couldn't be.

I did everything I could to help, but... still. The whole city's now in ruins...

I'm so sorry everyone.