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Floor Information

I was wondering, could someone tell me what the different, uh, "floors" are like? There's a bit of a situation going on, so I don't really have the time to explore them all myself.

It would be a great help.
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Depends on which of the damn things you wanna visit.
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Like I said. It depends. It ain't like they're all the same.
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I know there's one that's an island an' one that's all weird, if that helps.
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Sure. They don't have anything more about this place, do they?
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The floor they're on.
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You're the zebra Ma was talkin' too, right?
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Well you sure ain't no antelope either.
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Unihorn, huh? Well, that'd explain the lump on your head. Here I thought you were hit on the head by somethin'.