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[Deep inside the walls of St. Destino a demon found the jackpot of all journals. Though some of them were rather beaten up. All of them worked after getting booted up but were usually pretty slow or glitchy, something he might have to deal with if he couldn't find one better than that.]

Come on, please work... [He gave the current one a shake when it looked like it might be froze up for a second. Thankfully that seemed to have been all it needed.]

... Is anyone there?
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[have a NiGHTS who sounds like s/he's just quite sure how to respond - anger, or worry?]

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[coldly, but not as coldly as s/he means to be] No.

What happened to you?
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You should. This could be your only chance.

... I don't hate you, Emizel.
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All right.

No. I'm angry with you, but I never hated you. And I really did want to play a game. Anyway, it was fun, wasn't it?
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Are you kidding? We all got to work off some steam.
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Really? The city ended up coming down anyway.
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My point exactly.

I'm on my way. I'll bring your journal.
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Well, I'm here...
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Emizel? Where are you?