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[Voice - pretend this has one of Emizel's icons okay]

[despite the fact that it should be clear as to this journal's owner, the voice coming through it sounds nothing like Emizel at all. Instead, there's a smooth, darkly amused voice chuckling a bit - NiGHTS]

Hm~ it looks like someone was careless with their journal. You know, you guys should really be more careful with these, they could get lost. Now, whose could this be? [the sound of fumbling around with buttons can be heard for a few moments]

Oh. It's Emizel's. [despite the apparent distaste, there's - barely - an undercurrent of worry in the nightmaren's tone] I wonder why he left this here - if he even left it willingly. I know I didn't when it happened to me.


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NiGHTS... [the last thing she wants is to get into another argument with the nightmaren, but...]

Where did you find it?
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Talk about irresponsible. Who would leave such a thing just lying around? Sounds to me like they were being careless.
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Already at a conclusion, huh?
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Guess you could say I'm a real people person.