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If I wished to meet with the leader of the Resistance, how would I get in touch with them?

[Anonymous, though possibly hackable]

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Depends, pal. What's your business with the boss?


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About what? The weather? I'm sure you could find some periodicals lying around for that.

Help me out here and be a little more specific, friend.


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Who said anything about the leader being a 'him'? We believe in equal opportunity, my little anonymous friend.

Awww, boss'll be flattered. But I dunno. The boss might not swing that way, you know?


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I should hope not. Not much of a diplomatic messenger if you can't handle that.

...I highly doubt the boss is for sale, either. Though I'm sure the women and men in their fan club would have wished otherwise.


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...Don't tell me you're a monk. Because frankly, that just sucks, man.

Yeah, I got that part. What I'm slightly confused about is how you expect me to give up the location of the Resistance Leader on nothing but your typed words that you want to talk. No name, no face, it sure instills a lot of trust in me.


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Then what's your excuse?

And choose another place, of which you'd have foreknowledge to entrap? I wasn't born yesterday, pal. I've been through one war, and as far as I'm concerned, this could be counted as another. Now unless I get orders otherwise, or you provide some good faith evidence that you only want to talk, you're not getting anywhere near the boss. Got it?


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Sorry about that, man. No offense to your lover.

You call this bloodless? Just because the suffering is done in silence and under secrecy makes it no less grotesque. Kidnapping, torture, disappearances. You've got one f*cked up notion of a bloodless war.

Why don't you try releasing those you guys took, for one? Meet with an emissary first, for another?


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Personally, huh? So I guess standing around, doing nothing and watching counts you out of the blame. Why don't you just tell me where they are and I'll gladly retrieve them myself.

It'll be requested. As for who you'll meet up with, I'll let the boss decide that.


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I dunno. You'll have to work hard to convince me on that one. It takes a special kind of breed to just stand by and watch a child be tortured. Know what I mean?

...Guess it's your lucky day, pal. The boss feels like sending someone. You've got five minutes. After that, I'm outta there. Meet me at the Ceu de Mouraria, alone. I trust you know where that is?


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Don't worry about it, bub. I'll find you. I doubt it's all that hard.

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Very carefully.

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Perhaps you should write them a nice little letter.

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Perhaps you're just not important enough to get a meeting with him? ♥

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Oh good, I was just waiting for your approval. ♥

He's not that hard to find if you're important enough.

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Someone needs to turn their sarcasm detector on~!

You won't get any importance if you hide.

Saix looks SO FROWNY in that icon.

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Only when you're scared?

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You don't want anyone to know who you are because you're bored, then?

[private to Saix]

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Oh, I have my theories. ♥

[private to Saix]

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So long as the beginning phases don't take so long the game grows old. Red tape is so boring.

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Oh good. Perhaps things will liven up a bit.