cowardly_hero: (Angry)
cowardly_hero ([personal profile] cowardly_hero) wrote in [community profile] paixaomb2012-10-06 12:21 pm
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Hey! What's goin' on here? Can't a guy find a bite to eat 'round this place? 

Sheesh! They must have really lowered their service standards or somethin'. I try and order a sandwich and some lady comes at me with a broom! I'll tell yeah one thing for sure - I ain't ever eating there again! 

You hear that? This is an outrage! Why, leaving us to starve. Where do you get off doin' this, huh?!

[The sound of a door closing interrupts his rant and a woman is heard shooing him away.]

Whoa, hey! I'm leavin', lady! I'm leavin'! Stop it! 

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