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The upgrades are in place and functioning within acceptable parameters. Now let me alone and stop bothering me with upgrading things for fools that can't understand them anyways. No one appreciates my technology. Have you seen some of the things they've done with them? That Ed person alone makes me want to smite him for daring to exist.

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You commented in another journal entry, implying that these journals are your handiwork. Is that true? (If so, very impressive!)

What else do you know of this place?

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What the hell are you doing?

Private to IV

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It looks to me like you just gave them a reason to think that you're involved with these devices.

Private to IV/XII

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It only takes one person, Vexie.

Have you seen this ( It caused quite a commotion when it was first posted.

Private to IV/XII

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Uh huh, sure.

I'm never troubled, you should know that by now. But it would be hard for us to continue with this little science experiment if they know more than they should. Wouldn't you agree?

Re: Private to IV/XII

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You do that.

Do I look like your one of lab assistants?

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I must applaud your arrogance, old man. I second Larxene's sentiment.

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And you falsely assume that I care. You think you're independent, don't you? I can promise you some delightful repercussions from this. There are places for announcements like these, and this is not one of them. I'm curious, though, as to what you hope to accomplish. And I'm not going to pansy out and make things private. You have something to prove, so say it where anyone can see.