03 June 2012 @ 07:26 pm

You know, this is starting to get real old. I've had it up to here with everyone avoiding me lately. Just cut it out already, would you? It ain't funny anymore. Believe me, I know funny.

I mean it, guys! This is where I put my foot down. Well, maybe not there. The floors kinda dirty in that spot but I'm putting it HERE! My foot. Down. So you better fess up.


Unless... Unless you're really not here anymore. And everyone already went home. And I'm the only one left! No, that can't be it. I can't be the last one here, can I?

... CAN I?!

28 May 2012 @ 09:47 pm
Esteemed guests, dilettantes, and connoisseurs of this prestigious city.

I believe the time has been far too long since we have made the appropriate contact with each other. Forgive me, for I have busied myself with research, research of the most philosophic kind. Again forgive me for at heart I am an inquiring soul.


I intend to remedy my most antisocial tendencies immediately. Why, I believe we should keep a most regular correspondence.

[Throaty chuckle.]
24 May 2012 @ 12:17 am
[There’s the sound of "hmming" and "humming." Alice is examining the little box, her bright blue eyes are looking at the screen and turning the electronic journal this way and that. She blinks and then pulls away. She is completely unaware the sounds of her actions are being recorded. She has no idea how this little device works and it certainly didn't come up with the Mad Hatter... Or if it did, he went off on a tangent too quickly for her to fully understand]

Goodness! [A soft British child's voice comes through the microphone.] What a most peculiar sort of box! I’ve not seen something like this before. I wonder what it is! Or perhaps the question to ask is what is does. I don’t think it would mind if I asked both questions though, but you can never tell sometimes! Hmm...

[There is a soft sigh as Alice frowns slightly and bites her lip.]

Oh dear...

Alice you silly thing... You should have asked Mr. Hatter about this... whatever it is.

Now then... [Her voice becomes muffled as she covers the microphone.]

Hmm? What's this? [Her voice becomes more clear as her hands have moved.] Oh it's... a light? What does the light mean? Maybe it isn't a light...

[More sounds.]

Oh I do wish someone could tell me about this most curious thing!
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14 July 2011 @ 11:20 am
[the Doctor... shouts. Well, close to it; he doesn't bother being subtle or anything like that]

Calling all lions! Except for you, Scar, because nobody likes you. Is there a Simba on the loose? You're late for supper and your father's very cross. And since he's so cross, I'd like to tell you on his behalf that you're grounded.

[is he joking? Is he serious? The world may never know.]