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Voice, public

This city is so huge - it's hard to believe that it's actually inside a giant castle! It's still pretty easy to get lost here, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it! Heheh.

So, um, I was wondering - if anyone here can tell me a little about themselves? So many different people have been brought here - I've even met a demon! He's probably a good demon, though.
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You met a demon? Was he scary?
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Oh. Somebody on the network told me they were supposed to be scary. I don't like scary things though, so I'm glad he's not.
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...That makes sense. Like how there's nice people and scary people. If I was a demon I'd want to be a nice one.
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Hello Colette. My name's Florian!
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I'm from Daath. Where are you from?