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[Voice] Oh Xemnas~!

Well, Xemnas, how about you come out from where ever you are?
There's a debt to be paid and you are the star.

Those in this city are important to you, aren't they?
Well, behold what shall happen if you don't do as we say:

Ohohohohoho~! Is it not a marvellous curse?
And, no, we're presently not able to make it go in reverse.

[At this point, her voice gains a more dangerous tone.]

This, by the way, was just a little demonstration.
In exactly twelve hours we'll be giving the real presentation.

If you fail to show up before that time is through,
our curse shall be released, then whatever shall you do?

((I'll be replying using the journal [personal profile] thelegendtorn for her split form, just FYI. ^_^/ And the picture is just that... a picture taken with a journal camera--picture camera, as no video exists.))
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What you see here is a curse by our hand.
Those were once towns people; surely that's not hard to understand?
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You turned them all into replicas? How did you do that? You must be really good at whatever you did.
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With magic, of course, because we are the best of the best.
Our spells can't be equalled; they're far above all the rest.
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Wow, I didn't know magic could do that! Are you the best in the whole world? Do those people still act the same as before?
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Magic can do almost anything in the right hands. We're the best from our world easily and have many fans.

While they aren't quite like yours truly, they aren't as they are, no, that could get unruly.
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...So if they aren't like them, and they're not like you, then what are they like?
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My, my, you're a curious one, aren't you? You might find out for yourself, if our plan goes through.
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Really? Um, I hope your plan goes through then.

[.....probably shouldn't be hoping that]