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[Hope's voice sounds nervous and broken as it comes over the network. His worry has begun to shake him to the core, and it's perfectly audible. The longer he talks, the more scared he sounds.]

G-guys...has anyone...seen Light? I-I've been looking everywhere for her...a-and she isn't answering her journal!

I-it's like she just...disappeared...

[He goes quiet for a few moments, but his breathing gets louder, and faster.]


[Hope calls out in pain.]


[As he shouts again, something...inhuman warps his voice as it comes out of the journal's speakers. The noise loses more and more of Hope's voice, sounding more mechanical and grinding...almost monstrous. Those from Cocoon know that sound's the wail of a Cie'th.]
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Oh, that does not sound good.

Hope? Hope, can you hear me?
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Hope? HOPE!?
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If you're still there, listen to me. It's not the end of the world if she's gone. It... it might be terrible, and it might be frightening but that doesn't mean you should let it get to you. It'll be alright.
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Hope! What's wrong? What's--

[it takes her a moment to realize that he's not going to respond, and then she bolts out to find him.]
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HOPE! [Crap crap crap, he promised ot take care of the kid and now this happens?

Brb, trying to find him.]
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Listen to me, we'll help you find her, but if she's vanished, it could mean she's gone home. People have vanished before. Hope...?

HOPE! [Something is seriously wrong.]
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Lucky her, she probably escaped this boredom trap city.
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Don't you... Don't you dare! I'm comin'! An' you better be in one piece, you hear me?!