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I'm supposed to talk to this thing right? Can people hear me with this? My name is Florian and I don't know where Daath is. Do you know?

....It's really cold here.


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Uh, yea, yea you got gyst of it lil lady.

Sorry, ain't gotta clue who Daath is, didja just arrive?


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Would you rather be called lil girl instead?

Ah, Oh... Is that where came from?


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Oooooh, ugh, sorry sorry! I didn't mean-Sorry!

[Sound of a facepalm on the other end. Embarrassed? Just a little bit.]

Errrm, alright, well let's get back on that other topic. You're in Paixao now, it's uh... Well your previous home... There's actually, no way of getting back, there's a lot of us here that are kinda stuck.


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[Gives a sigh.]

Yea... Yea I'm afraid so. We tried all different ways, but no luck. But it's alright, we're still all trying to find a way back home for all of us. Most everyone came here from different worlds and arrived here in Paixao. I ain't too sure how we all got stuck here. I'm trying to look into that part myself.


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Don't worry, from what I've learned the people back home won't know we've been gone. Time supposedly has stopped for them. So it'll be alright.

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You should find someplace warm; the snow has been getting worse.

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With all this snow it's probably harder to find something you can use as money... There's a map option on the journal that your were likely given. Your best bet would probably be Lady of Lords Soup Kitchen, near the Vanaheim area.

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If you have anything shiny, that would work too. Normally I would say the leaves from the trees work, but...

Vanaheim is across the city from where you are, and I don't believe that the trains are in service right now. I'm afraid you've arrived at the more expensive side of the city... I'm not sure where is close by enough to help.

Maybe someone can offer you somewhere nearby to stay.
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Florian. Do you remember me?


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That's right. She wouldn't happen to be here with you, would she?


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[some silence as he adjusts to this information, but then he sounds as unruffled as ever] She seems to have lucked out this time. How long have you been here?


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It seems to be cold everywhere. Florian, would you like to stay with some of Anise's friends?


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Mm. Do you remember Guy? He has blonde hair, tight pants and a charmingly vacant smile? Tell us where you are and he'll come pick you up.


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It's close enough. Guy will be by to pick you up shortly.

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Oh, good. I'm glad someone could help him out.

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Guy is wonderful with children. I doubt the two will be inseparable. Thank you for your concern for him, Blue.